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We have been working hard at updating this website.  We have achieved the basic shell and are adding the product again.  Keep checking.  Please don't forget the EBAY store where the items are available and the counts are accurate.  We have now available the shirt promoting KBC. It is available only in white using red screenprinting ink.  Send payment to paypal via yohnicki@start.ca or email yohnicki@start.ca and we will send a paypal invoice for the total. The price is 15 plus 10 shipping within canada and us and international shipping to be determined.  (3x sizes are $2 extra)   .  Or you can send cheques, or postal money orders to Mike Yohnicki, 250 Starlight Ave, London, Ontario, N5W4X9 Canada. We have a listing now for it under Other Vintage, it will charge 25  and using the coupon kbcship  it will show free shipping. Only for canada or us. International orders may require extra postage. Blue shirts with white logo are available now. 

Canadian Shortlines owned by Genesee

There are a number of Canadian shortlines owned under Genesee Wyoming and we have them under American Rail - Genesee- rather than split them up under canada and america.